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I try to do lots of different stuff with this webpage, but I'm not going to kid myself. If it weren't for the flash, you wouldn't be here.

I don't know why I can't focus on it anymore. Sometimes I try, but so far it doesn't seem meant to be. This is a shame, but at least the old stuff is here for everyone to enjoy.

It was my first fanimutation that got people paying attention to Verylowsodium.com in the first place. And it was my second which gathered a good amount of hits and made me an Internet Celebrity. Shit, I was almost as famous as the Sunday weatherman in Fargo, ND! It r0x0rs to be me!

Of course, this wasn't an original idea at all. Let's go over the history, folks. Hyakugojyuuichi was made maybe a year ago by Neil Cicierega. I saw it and I was awestruck. I wanted to get into flash animation, but I had no original ideas, and didn't want to rip him off wholesale. (Just so you know, his animations are known as "animutations" in the, erm, animutation community.) So I found his website, and realized that he ENCOURAGED the wholesale ripping off of his art form. (Just so you know, animutations that rip off his style wholesale are known as "fanimutations" in the, erm, fanimutation community.) I saw that on a Friday night. One weekend passed, and Dash was born. The rest is history.

So you know me for my flash. But there are many others that I like, because, you know, they're better than mine. My short list?


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