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I haven't been answering my cult email lately, so you might think the mail is piling up over here. Well, you'd be wrong. It seems that traffic spikes up whenever I get a new flash, but then starts tapering off. It seems like you people don't come unless I make new flash content.

So, ironically, this letters page is going to cause me to get deeper into an email hole, not out of it. Just, uh, click on "PLAY", and, like, don't blame me for the results.

codebase="http://download.macromedia.com/pub/shockwave/cabs/flash/swflash.cab#version=5,0,0,0" >

A note about the music: The song at the end of the big easter egg (yes, there are easter eggs) is MenTaLgrOOvE, by MenTaLguY. I downloaded it here. It was once released under the by-nc-sa Creative Commons license, meaning that you can use it for noncommercial purposes as long as you credit the author, and allow others to use your work in the same way you used his.

I've since been informed that this song is now in the public domain, which means this cartoon, like everything else on my site, is available under a slightly different Creative Commons license. (See the link at the bottom of all of my pages.)

An important thing to remember about these kinds of licenses -- I used MenTaL's song because it was good, and he was sharing it. A blissful, lawyer-free exchange and sharing of ideas. But that doesn't necessarily mean he endorses, likes, or even knows about any of this.

Okay. Well, like I said, I'll answer more emails soon, in a more boring way. If you'd like to get in on the fun, send your email messages to cult@verylowsodium.com. The cult address lets me know you're serious. :-)


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